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Global peace Ambassadors

Along with our extended family in Uganda we are proud to announce we recently launched Global Peace Ambassadors. Our international healing support (virtual) circle for youth and community members moving beyond trauma through reflecting on our common strengths, sharing personal stories, exploring our creativity and connectivity. Our first meeting was powerful and everyone was so excited to meet even through the screens and tech difficulties. Children of Peace operating in the village of Acholi and Teso sub regions in Northern and North East Uganda and often times their internet is not stable. We have experienced and worked through lots of unpredictable challenges throughout the process of bringing our to orgs together officially and then to have our youth interface in the spirit of healing is a dream come TRUE!

In the future we will continue to invite wider audiences into the conversation and create Peace education projects while uplifting the voices of our resilient youth building bridges across the world! 🌍 Global Peace Ambassadors are looking forward to intergenerational voices and contributors from across the world! If you would like to learn more about supporting our Global Peace Ambassadors platform and our partnership with NGO Children of Peace Uganda, please contact us today!!


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