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Through our free, after-school and summer Creative Arts and Hip Hop Culture Sessions TRUE Skool provides a fun, space for participants who seek to advance their knowledge in community building, social justice and 'how to' creatively address challenges in our world. Youth and participants will raise their creative voices about important topics such as:

  • Empowering teens and young adults

  • Health, wellness and self-care

  • Racial injustices and disparities in economics, education, and juvenile systems.

Through our wide range of after-school and summer activities, such as community service projects, art, music/media and dance classes, developing workshops to peer educate, and business classes, youth become the experts on these topics and develop creative responses and solutions on their path to leadership and success!.

DJ Rock Dee - R.I.P

Our "Just Rockin" Music Sessions


Named in honor of the late, great DJ Rock Dee, our 1st DJ Instructor. In his honor, we continue his Hip Hop Culture, Community & Musical Legacy.



Participants in our "DJ" Class learn basic, intermediate and advanced DeeJaying skills such as scratching, blending, BPMs, and how to set up/use the advanced equipment. Participants learn about many different genres of music & perform a final DJ set at the end of each session. Beginner classes are taught on vinyl.  

Art of Emceeing

Participants in the Art of Emceeing class work with instructors on composing original lyrics, songs, poetry and public speaking, both in group projects and solo projects. Students dive into learning new techniques for writing, collaborating, recording and performing. ​

Breakin' and Dancing

TRUE Skool offers workshops on different levels and styles of Breakin' or  "Breakdancing". Students do not need prior dance experience to take these classes. Overall fitness and exercise are built into each class. ALL styles are welcome! Students as young as 7 can start with our "Fresh Styles Crew". Each session ends in a live performance and participants are encouraged to enter local and national dance competitions.

Visual Arts

All of our arts classes are project-based working with various mediums such as spray paint, acrylics, oils, pastels, stenciling, and more. Projects include everything from creating custom canvases, screenprinting, digital art, murals, and more. Participants and Alumni can display art and sell at at our session showcases, community events, and galleries!

Music Production & Beat Making

Participants in the Music Production class work with instructors on making beats, producing songs, and recording using Logic Pro X and FL Studio along with other software and equipment such as Native Instruments Maschine, Midi keyboards and more. Advanced students learn audio recording and engineering skills.


Live Band & Performance/ Open Jam

Teaches original & cover music composition, live instruments, and performance. From beginners to experienced musicians everyone is welcome! Students can bring their instruments and we have a variety in-house, keys, drums, guitars and more!

Multi-Media Film / Photography

TRUE Skool participants will learn the fundamentals of storyboarding, lighting, shooting and editing. Youth will be introduced to the technology and programs used to create videos, short films and movies. Through this, they will have the capability to create media that will spread TRUE Skool’s Mission as well as service our partnerships.


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