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Through our free, after school & summer Creative Arts and Hip Hop Culture Sessions TRUE Skool provides a fun, space for participants who seek to advance their knowledge in community building, social justice and 'how to' creatively address challenges in our communities. Youth and participants will raise their creative voices about important topics such as:

  • Unemployment among teens and young adults

  • Health, wellness and self-care

  • Racial segregation disparities in economics, education and juvenile justice systems

Through our wide range of after-school and summer activities, such as community service projects, art, music and dance classes, developing workshops to peer educate, and business classes, youth then become the experts on these topics and begin to develop creative responses and solutions.

DJ Rock Dee - R.I.P

The "Just Rockin" Music Program


Named in honor of the late, great DJ Rock Dee, our 1st DJ Instructor. In his honor, we continue his Hip Hop Culture , Community & Musical Legacy.

Some classes will resume ONLINE!! STAY TUNE FOR UPDATES

DJ Class

Participants in the DJ Class learn basic, intermediate and advanced DJ skills such as scratching, blending, BPMs, and how to setup/use the DJ equipment. Participants perform a final DJ set at the end of each session. 

​Instructors: DJ Stretch (w/special guest DJs)

Art of MC Class

Participants in the Art of MC class work with instructors on composing original music both on group projects and solo projects, performing, and marketing their music. ​

Instructor: Fidel 'VivaFidel' Verdin with Special Guest Poets & Vocalists

Breakdance Class

TRUE Skool offers workshops on breakdancing, popping and locking. Students do not need prior dance experience to take these classes. Each session ends in a performance and participants are encouraged to enter local and national dance competitions.

Instructor:  Michael Silva , Sam Sawsey & others

Visual Arts

All of our arts programming is project based working with various mediums such as spray paint, acrylics, oils, pastels, stenciling, and more. Projects include everything from creating custom canvases, print-screening, stenciling, animation, murals, and more. Participants display art and sell at at our session showcases, community events, and galleries.

Instructor: Jason "J Bird " Sterling & others

Music Production

Participants in the Music Production class work with  instructors on making beats, producing songs, recording using Logic Pro and Pro Tools 9 along with other software and equipment such as Native Instruments Maschines, keyboards, mixers, etc.

Instructor: Sheldan "Schells" Wilbon & Others


Band & Performance/ Open Jam

This is a new class added in fall 2014 that teaches

music composition, live instruments, and performance. Topics include how social change and technology have affected how we make and listen to music and the history of music composition and performance over the last few decades.

Instructor: Jaylan Higgins & Guests

Video Production Class

TRUE Skool participants will learn the basic fundamentals of video production. Youth will be introduced to the technology and programs used to create videos and short films. Through this they will have the capability to create media that will spread TRUE Skool’s Mission.

Instructor: Gideon Verdin-Williams & Alex Clincy

True Knowledge Workshop Series

TRUE Skool youth participants are required to attend our True Knowledge Workshops which are held on Wednesdays during each session.


true knowledge
true sknool prvides workshos an artist residencies
true skool video production class
Focuses on the YOUTH VOICE on topics including Hip Hop Culture, racism/sexism/ageism, healthy relationships, knowing your rights, coping with stress, community service and more.


This workshop series include gender specific topics that promote nurturing self-worth, social-emotional intelligence and increased critical thinking skills.


This series  include the topics of professional development, networking and presentation, event planning, entrepreneurship, interview preparation and financial literacy. The youth must also complete a portfolio that includes a resume, cover letter, artist statement, business cards, artwork, headshot, press release, invoice and contract.


TRUE Aquapioneers

We have an indoors 'experimental grow room' at TRUE Skool to introduce our participants to the science and possibilities of aquaponics. We are working with local experts and environmental experts creating Green Career and Job options or opportunities for graduates.


We are working with local Architectural and Design firms to create the perfect 'Future TRUE Skool' as well as learning product development and trend research.

Content from the TRUE Knowledge workshops and media based projects drive the musical and artistic projects created throughout each session and are displayed and/or performed at the Student Showcase Production at the end of each session!

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