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Hip Hop is more than music...

... it goes beyond dance and sounds, it is about culture, community, history and skills. It was born of the same societal ills we see youth facing today; lack of jobs and economic opportunities, violence in our neighborhoods and at home, broken families, gangs, under funded schools and lack of community resources.

Hip Hop is a tool and a culture in itself that allows for positive change in one’s life and promotes the true meaning of “community”. Few social movements have been as effective as uniting cultures as Hip Hop has been for over 40 years.

We explore the cultural and historical ties of the elements; DJ, Breakdance, MC, Graffiti, Knowledge...through interactive workshops, events, lectures, projects and classes with a focus on social justice and community service.

-TRUE Skool, Inc.

@trueskool414 on all social media        hashtag:  #wearetrueskool 

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