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children of peace Uganda visiting TRUE Skool

TRUE Skool is honored to announce a formal international partnership with Children of Peace Uganda, expanding our TRUE Giving reach of philanthropic and humanitarian efforts to a global level from our Center for Transformational Arts and Hip Hop Culture here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


CPU is a registered NGO in Uganda, founded by Ms. Jane Ekayu in 2010 and is operating across, Acholi and Teso sub regions in Northern and North East Uganda, to promote Human security of children, youths and communities directly affected by the war, HIV & Covid19. CPU aims to serve through education, health, housing and community development. 


We were first introduced through the Social Justice Forum hosted by NO Studios in 2019 and immediately felt a kinship and a connection that we knew would last for a long time to come. 

The Children of Peace Uganda delegation joined TRUE Skool youth at our headquarters following the summit creating art, dancing and making music. In the process of having a really authentic & loving time getting familiar with each other a collaborative song was recorded marking a moment in history where for the first time ever, the CUP youth had been recorded and heard their own voice.


Please join TRUE Skool in supporting this small but mighty organization's ability to continue carrying out their very necessary mission by making your donation today!

Children of Peace Uganda visits TRUE Skool

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