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Global Peace in 2024

Attention everyone! In light of the ongoing conflicts and crises around the world, we're urgently relaunching our powerful initiative: Global Ambassadors Peace Ambassadors! 

Here's the scoop:

Since 2021, in response to the pressing need for world peace and healing amidst global turmoil, we've partnered with Children of Peace Uganda to build a crucial bridge of reconciliation and support. We're reaching out to individuals and artists worldwide, particularly those who've endured the effects of senseless violence or the aftermath of COVID-19.

Through our virtual gatherings on Zoom, we're fostering a dynamic community where peace advocates, activists, healers, and survivors of violence can come together to find solace, healing, and strength. Our meetings take place every 2nd Saturday at 10 am Central Time.

Utilizing art, storytelling, music, photography, and other invaluable toolkits from CPU and TS, we're infusing our sessions with creativity, inspiration, and hope. But we're not stopping with just our virtual interactions – we're also gearing up for collaborative projects and fundraisers aimed at making tangible impacts.

We're deeply committed to tracking our progress, monitoring our reach, and listening to the voices of those we touch. We're always eager to welcome new allies to our Global Peace movement, so reach out if you're ready to join us!

Our vision?

To host a groundbreaking Virtual Global Ambassador Peace Summit in 2025, attract more innovative minds to our cause, one Global Peace Ambassador at a time. This is a call to action for individuals of all ages and backgrounds! Please spread the word and be part of this urgent mission for Global Peace!

So, who's in? Let's spread some love and peace together! 💖✌️ #GlobalPeaceAmbassadors #SpreadTheLove #PeaceOut

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