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Summer Leadership and Creative Entrepreneurial Opportunity Development Internship

During the summer months, we offer our Paid Leadership and Workforce Development Program that provides youth with business workshops to gain knowledge and skills transferable in every aspect of their lives and will provide workforce development for future careers. Students participate in leadership workshops that address social justice and gender issues and will use the knowledge gained through these workshops to complete specific TRUE Skool related projects throughout the six weeks.


Business workshops are once a week and include training on branding, networking, interview preparation, communicating skills, public relations and marketing, portfolio creation and financial literacy.


Leadership workshops take place twice a week and include topics such as social justice, humanities education and gender specific topics that address social and emotional awareness that will transfer into the work they do in project teams.

(All of our summer participants are hired and employed through MAWIB or as an MPS Arts Intern.)

Our Summer Session is from June 24 - Aug 3rd 12


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