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Juneteenth 24 ART CONTEST

We want to extend a massive shoutout and heartfelt thank you to our incredible TS Team talented participant artists, dedicated judges, enthusiastic volunteers, and all the amazing attendees who made this Juneteenth celebration an absolute blast! 🎊

Your support, creativity, and energy were the driving forces behind the success of this remarkable event. Together, we uplifted our community, celebrated our history, and showcased the vibrant spirit of Juneteenth. 🌟


To our Partnering Sponsors, Bader Philanthropies,  your unwavering commitment to empowering the arts and culture in our city is truly commendable. Without your support, this event wouldn't have been possible. Thank you for investing in our vision and making a lasting impact! 🙏



The Juneteenth Arts & Culture Area is proudly supported by our partners at Bader Philanthropies.

More info about Juneteenth Milwaukee

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