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We're back at Juneteenth!!! This year's  Juneteenth Arts & Culture Area promises to be a truly exciting and engaging experience for the whole community!


One of the highlights of the Arts & Culture Area will be our live on-site, interactive art walls, where attendees can witness talented artists in action and even participate in the creative process themselves!! JOIN US!


This will be a unique opportunity to see how mural art is created and to gain a deeper appreciation for the artists and their craft. In addition to the live art, we will also be holding a live Mural Art competition featuring six talented artists, who will be competing for



Just like last year, this is sure to be a fierce and exciting competition, artists must complete their pieces before the end of Juneteenth!


The 52nd Juneteenth Jubilee Parade and TMJ4 are partnering to provide live coverage

of the Cultural Artists & Mural Contest

on the grounds along with the annual parade starting at 9:00 am 

Juneteenth 2023

Mural Competition Prizes:

First Place                   $1500

Second Place             $1200

Third Place                 $800




The Juneteenth Arts & Culture Area is proudly supported by our partners at Bader Philanthropies.

More info about Juneteenth Milwaukee

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