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Peep the Process....Peace , Love, Community

Every mural is different. Trust, we know.......There was lots of social media posts and news floating about this special installation.

Inspired by the now Emmy Award winning film When Claude Got Shot - which is executive produced by none other than Snoop Double O- G!

Here the subject of the film and gun violence survivor , Claude Motley expresses his gratitude for the collaborative mural and local love.

“When Claude Got Shot + TRUE Skool Mural Experience”

Neighborhood Beautification through Community & Youth Engagement.

True Skool partnered with We are the League, a social impact collective, 371 Productions, which produced the documentary, and the North Avenue Marketplace BID 32 to create the mural. The BID wanted to add murals to beautify the area as part of its redevelopment efforts. We are the League and 371 Productions reached out to True Skool to host a screening and discussion around gun violence. - from:

TS Artists included:

Cordnell Moran, Ernesto Gomez, Tyrone Randle and Emmerson Sellhausen

TS Lead Artist: Fred Kaemes

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