TRUE Skool offers informational, demonstrative and hands-on workshops based on various topics listed below. Workshops typically run about 90 minutes and prices vary. If you don't see a topic below that you are interested in, contact us and we can customize a workshop to fit your needs.

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The Art of Coping

The Art of Coping was created to address the needs of our youth around mental health stigmas and emotional wellness. In the Art of Coping, youth create art that encourages important dialogue beyond stigmas and into the reality of this epidemic and empowers participants to educate others on coping mechanisms and resources for receiving needed services. 


TRUE Skool Experience

The TRUE Skool experience offers the opportunity to get a shortened version of our after school program. This experience can be tailored toward youth groups or adult work groups. The interactive experience can include art projects, performances, team building activities and a variety of workshops or training.


Hip Hop History

This workshop provides an excellent foundation to understanding the history of when, where, why and who started Hip Hop and how it has become the multi-billion dollar industry today. We trace the historical ties to the 1970’s and beyond by telling the story of urban youth who were lacking in opportunities and community resources, who created their own resources and positive outlets by creating the "elements" of Hip Hop and battling through non-violent activities instead of gang violence. Hip Hop culture was and still is about "creating something out of nothing".


Females in Hip Hop

TRUE Skool offers a a multimedia workshop that can be customized to  include different elements such as a slideshow, group discussion, panel of experts and performances by female MCs, DJs, Poets, and Visual Artists to discuss the history of Women in  Hip Hop and the effects of negative and sexually explicit images of women in media, specifically within Hip Hop/Pop/Rap culture.


Hip Hop in the Classroom
Graffiti & Street art

TRUE Skool believes that by involving youth in creating solutions to community and educational issues such as racism, lack of school funding, broken families, gangs, poor educational opportunities and privilege we can better achieve results. We understand that by infusing interests of youth, primarily Hip Hop and popular culture into classroom lessons and youth programs our retention and success rate greatly increases.

​We can create new leaders who understand the realities facing our communities today and solutions that will be observed and respected by all ages and cultures that produce real sustainable results. We discuss how Hip Hop plays a role in education and the importance of creating new curriculum that allows students to engage in the learning process whether it is in traditional or nontraditional institutions. We will provide participants with examples of lesson plans to use in the classroom.

**These workshops are geared towards Teachers, Professors, Parents, Activists, Youth Workers, or anyone looking to understand Hip Hop Culture and infuse it into programs, classroom lessons, etc. TRUE Skool offers consulting on how to infuse Hip Hop culture into their programs and services for greater positive outcomes.

Explore how Graffiti, one of Hip Hop’s core elements, has been used as an art form to voice messages of social justice and injustices. Throughout history graffiti has been used as a communication tool and voice for the unheard and unseen. Learn how this important tradition can be used to document your own history through an interactive art activity.


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