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We intersect through 'Convos & Connects'

Listen as we delve into serious topics ranging from what environmental justice looks like in 2024 to innovative solutions for growing our economic opportunities fo youth and families.

These are real "Conversations and Connections" that emerged from a recent retreat with 12 participating youth-serving orgs from the local Environmental Justice sector. It's TRUE, we have been working together for years and now, we are formalizing partnerships, collaborations, collective fundraising, shared leadership and decision-making.

Watch as we explore key moments, thought-provoking discussions, and the vibrant energy of unity. This is just one clip!

Please tune in & share our engaging "Conversations & Connections" Podcast series featuring exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes insights from retreat participants and other leaders in our community.

This powerful 3 part series can be heard on HERE on our TRUE Skool Podcast Network!

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, initiatives, and opportunities to collaborate with the Environmental Youth Collaborative this summer!

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