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Summer Park Jam - Art is the winner

We had some amazing visual arts and interactive fun on the riverwalk!! 4 Artists entered our "Elements" Graff Battle and they all did phenomenal work representing Hip Hop Culture!

Makayla Binter walked away with the ca$h prize at our Summer Park Jam this year!!! Congrats!! Flew in from North Carolina and kept it moving!

Take a sec and connect wi her on IG!

Here are all of the public Graff mural pieces created on site at the '22 Summer Park Jam!!!

We had an interactive "TRUE Skool" mural that everyone helped bring together! Shout out to everyone that participated!! Special thanks to the TRUE Skool Alumni Nesto & Tyrone for leading that charge! Thanks, Zen & James for your support behind the scenes!

AND very special thanks to our awesome GRAFF Battle Sponsors BLICK & Dream Lab!!!

Two really DOPE local small businesses that invest in our mission year 'round! Go check'em out! Tell'em TRUE Skool sentcha!


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