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Riddle Me This & Air Filters

We started the students with a fun game called Riddle Me This. The Riddle Me This game was really fun and mentally stimulating for the students. They came up with answers to the riddles that Shalina and I would’ve never expected. The riddle questions were pretty open though, so it engaged their imagination pretty well. The whole thing was full of smiles and laughter but also critical thought and team work. I notice that the students seem to have more fun when they all come together and work towards a common goal. I suspect that it may be good to have days where all the separate disciplines come together and all learn each other’s disciplines. They may even have fun teaching each other. One time, I saw "Iann" from the DJ class, teaching "Nex" from the media class.

We are so focused on our May 4th Student Showcase

(at Radio Milwaukee 5p doors open), it’s nice to have our TRUE Knowledge Mondays where students can all come together, learn and just have FUN!

Afterward, two representatives from the Milwaukee Health Department came down and gave a presentation about the importance of clean air. They spoke about how poor air quality can cause disease. In the beginning, they especially focused on how some contagious viruses can potentially survive in the air for hours and negatively impact our health.

After their talk, students made their own air filters using regular box fans. Tameka, one of our new students even went home and made her own from scratch. That young lady is extremely intelligent and practical. I think she enjoyed it enough to make her own filter at home because the project was more practical and hands on than it was creative.

There was colored tape that the students could use to both fabricate their filters and beautify them. However, learning the fabrication seemed to be more important than the decoration!


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