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On FIRE at the Fall Showcase

It was such a beautiful and brilliant TRUE Skool Experience!! Our 2021 Fall Showcase gallery is in the books!!! We are so grateful for all the families and friends that came out to support our student creatives as they took the stage! We all had so much FUN!

Our visual arts all stars got a chance to present their amazing works and some youth even sold a couple pieces! The Visual Arts class even did some live demonstrations! For some of our performers it was their first time on stage and they rocked it!! Hip Hop don't stop!! We had our "TRUE Stylers" Breaking squad out there, the live band students were on point! We had a short film and photo presentation by our TRUE Media team from content captured during the session, it was nonstop FUN! Intergenerational , super diverse crowd in the heart of our city , having FUN together! #wearetrueskool

It was also great to see so many TRUE Skool Alumni came out to celebrate the next generation!! We got a lot of footage to still go through but it will be up on soon! Make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell!!

We streamed the entire event on FB too! I was so wonderful to see everyones faces after not hosting an official TRUE Skool event in so long! We are also thankful to our hosts at Best Place at the Pabst Brewery, they made us feel right at home! More to come!

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