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Healing Spaces

HSI is a group project that is led by several groups: TRUE Skool, NIDC and GoundworkMKE are all working together to bring this dope project to life!!

Our collective work along with residents and neighborhood orgs is to curate different healing spaces across the inner city of Milwaukee. Healing Spaces are important for the inner city of Milwaukee because of the usual rough environment that the city can often have. My hope for this project is that it could possibly lower the rates of crime by allowing people a safe place to gather their thoughts and emotions. It also gives me ideas as to what kind of healing space I can’t build for my house in the future. My favorite memory of this experience so far would be when a young boy came to help us create ideas in one of the parks and his enthusiasm was just hilarious to see. It was going well until his grandmother had to pick him up.

Just from working with HSI I realize how many empty spaces there are in the city of milwaukee. There can be so much done to turn these green spaces into an area that encourages productive activities. The areas we were in were very peaceful and quiet already which I liked. Therefore, adding a peace park or garden can benefit the area nicely.

Fun fact, I read an article a while ago that said, “We learned that more green space was associated with lower risk of crime across neighborhoods in all 300 cities we studied.WOW!

Written by Shadi

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