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sharpening my skills

In J Birds’ recent Graff 101 class we learned some basics about different lettering, how to pick your graffiti artist name, and some slight history of what graffiti is for. In this class I enjoyed being introduced to a new style of art . Graffiti is something that I’ve never tried to do before, so it is interesting to learn how to do this. I liked the tactic J Bird showed us in the class last session of using shapes in order to create certain letters in various ways.

One thing about graffiti that I learned which was not known previously was how much of a process it took to choose an artist name. It is not an extremely difficult process (usually) but more goes into it than some may think. You have to choose a name that is quick to write, looks good together, and is creative!

I plan to incorporate these skills by using them in the future when it comes to involving different font types into my art. I am looking forward to sharpening my skill even more in the summer graff series, especially the public art and murals.

Written by: SHADI #wearetrueskool


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