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Flower power for TRUE Skool

Flowers can be a symbol of love, regeneration and culmination. The universal gift of giving that resonates across cultural, generational or religious differences is often approached with the offering of flowers that carry their own language sending unspoken messages of recognition , healing and/or appreciation.

In 2018 Flowers for Dreams selected TRUE Skool for their one month long donation drive. It was their first year in Milwaukee and we built a great relationship right away. Not only were we a recipient of their 2018 month of May donations, they hired one of our youth DJs for their Milwaukee location grand opening, we even did a TRUE Skool takeover on their Instagram stories for a day! The fun did not stop there, their cool staff hosted us as “Community Guests” during their Mother’s Day flower making workshop that year. We had the opportunity to learn, meet local customers and share our TRUE Skool updates, it was an awesome experience and we knew our partnership would bloom.

Lindsey and the whole team at Flowers For Dreams go beyond public facing philanthropy and now have their foundation to facilitate true impact rooted in Midwest communities in Milwaukee, Chicago & Detroit.

Through their new Flowers for Dreams Foundation their give back program has extended from one month to one full quarter of the year. Quarter 1 2022, they have chosen TRUE Skool as their Milwaukee recipient! Our teams have already met with excitement dreaming up all of the ways we will get creative and have fun during this first quarter giving campaign which includes Valentine’s Day & the launch of Flowers For Dreams Spring promotions!

25% of all net sales on line & Milwaukee Location between now and March 31st will be donated to TRUE Skool. We thank you in advance and hope that you can help spread the word about this amazing opportunity!

Now, go get your flowers!!

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