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A TRUE Tosa East Experience

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

YOU should have been there!

We had a great recent TRUE Skool Experience with an amazing group from Wauwatosa East High School! After a couple of sessions visiting them at their school and learning more about their current educational environment, some of their personal stories, and goals, we curated something awesome together!

When they got to TS their eyes lit up with excitement as they begin to see everything that we had told them about during our initial gatherings at Tosa East. There were even a couple new faces, so the surprise factor was even stronger. We began by having some brief introductions and "fire starters", then we shared our Better Me Better Everything media campaign with the students and talked about ways we utilize elements of Hip Hop Culture and creative media to intervene and prevent substance abuse and other destructive patterns of behavior with our peers or our family members and loved ones. Just like media and music can be used to spread opinions and messages that are destructive, we can flip it and spread self-love, knowledge, awareness, and motivation!! #wearetrueskool

We talked about our year-round youth outreach and how it's impacted our students and alumni in general and how we're trying to continue to spread the BMBE slogan and mantra for self-improvement which helps to improve everything else in life because it all starts with self. Students & staff broke out into groups after a fun storyboarding activity where everyone shared a random story from their life in pictures, it's an activity for artists, content creators, and anyone! We talked about creating content and building out projects together that we could share. Together we recorded a couple of test podcast episodes, we wrote and recorded a song together, students created beats on-site and there was even some original artwork created that day! So much creativity flowing!

Overall, we got a lot done and built new friendships in a short amount of time including having pizza together thanks again to Ms. Sandra for making it all happen!! We are looking forward to more fun with the Tosa family! ( All photos captured by students!)

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