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Talkin' about SPRING Sessions - 2/28/22 Mandatory Orientation

" Yes Bro, TRUE Skool!!! Have you heard? The upcoming Spring After School Sessions start with a MANDATORY TRUE Knowledge Orientation on Monday Feb. 28th 5pm - Yes, my guy, you can bring a friend. Anybody ages 14 - 19 can sign up that day for all the after school sessions TRUE Skool will offer!! Yes, it's TRUE , it's really free Bro! We're talking about learning music production in the studio, visual art & design , digital storytelling with film & photography, Bro! It's so much you can do and create, let's go crazy Bro! There is live band, & don't you play piano Bro? They have art of emcee class for poets , singer and rappers, there is even a dance class! Brooooo, let me not forget there is a whole DJ class for beginners teaching how to DJ and do turntable tricks. You can go straight from school and they have computers if you need to do homework and stuff! Just don't miss that orientation on the 28th Bro, "

What to expect Feb. 28th TRUE Knowledge Orientation:

5pm Welcome to TRUE Skool ~ Meet & Greet

Overview Expectations for our Spring After School Sessions ( Mon, Tue, Wed, 5pm-7pm )

Participants Sign up for TRUE Skool Classes & Project Teams

Refreshments Served

7pm End of Session

Parents / Guardians welcome to attend!

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