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Summer 23 Flashback!

TRUE Skool’s 2k23 Summer CEO Internship

What’s up, everyone! What a busy summer for the crew here at TRUE Skool. This summer they welcomed some of Milwaukee’s freshest youth to be a part of our 2k23 Summer CEO Internship! With a total of 15 interns, they set out to get active and become more involved with the things happening locally in our city. Their weeks during the summer session consisted of 3 major components. CEO workshops, the Art of Coping, as well as project-based group work. From learning how to market themselves as creative entrepreneurs to exploring and bringing awareness to our city’s community resources, it has been a very busy summer for the interns here at TRUE Skool.

During the CEO Workshops, they had the opportunity to create a business portfolio that allowed them to better market themselves as creative entrepreneurs. Their portfolios consisted of resumes, cover letters, and elevator pitches. If there is one thing to take away from that session is, to know how to market your brand! You may never know who you may cross paths with.

Another key component that was very important to their success during this internship was the Art of Coping created by one of their co-directors, Shalina S. Ali. During these sessions, they were able to be one with themselves and learn how to effectively handle daily stressors. From journaling to guided meditations, and even stretching they were able to recenter on what was most important to them and effectively accomplish the tasks at hand.

Last, but not certainly not least, the interns were divided into two teams to tackle a couple of community projects. The teams were the TRUE Aquapioneers and Design Awareness, where each team had a list of projects to accomplish that will be shared with our community at local events. The TRUE Aquapioneers created a presentation that brought more awareness to our natural water resources here in MKE. They partnered with the CAC, MMSD, and Milwaukee River Keepers to help bring awareness to what is happening with our resources. To bring in more community engagement, they created a song as well as a mini water filtration system that was presented at TRUE Skool’s Summer Park Jam.

Next, working just as hard, the Design Awareness team also created a presentation that showed their process of creating their Sculpture Mke Activity Book. The book consisted of interactive pages that contained sculptures from local Milwaukee artists as well as a song that was inspired by the Michael Jackson sculpture in the Bradley Symphony Center. Some even had the opportunity to go to an overnight architectural camp at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where they were able to design the future TRUE Skool campus. With all the projects that each team created they both then collaborated to present their work at the Annual Summer Park Jam.

This summer was an amazing experience working with the 2k23 CEO interns at TRUE Skool. The creativity, dedication, and leadership that they displayed this summer were truly inspiring. Thank you all for the hard work that you put in this summer to make the annual Summer Park Jam happen. For those reading and would like to get more information on how to get involved, you can visit our website at or check us out on social media at trueskool414. Peace!

TRUE Blog written by A’Miracle Burks


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