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Mural Fun for everyone! Another One!

Our latest Mural installment located inside Dr Martin Luther King Jr African American Emersion School, Milwaukee, WI. We were so excited to get this call. The school is already laced with so much amazing art and mural work all through the building. This visual concept was born out of a virtual session over the 2020 summer with a few student artists and staff from the school. The idea of using bright colors and telling a story through symbols or emojis is what emerged! Lead artist worked with TRUE Skool Alumni Ernest 'Nesto' Gomez and even our Co Director Shalina got in on the fun! Elementary students and staff got a nice bursting surprise on the first day of school this year!!! #wearetrueskool

What do you think about this story???

We are available for your art installation needs , every space is different so reach out to us today if you would like to brighten up an area in your place of business, school, office or home! These public art opportunities are super critical! Thanks to MLK Elementary, we have received so much positive feedback about this one!!

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