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#weclaim45 at UWM

Depending on who you ask, November is HipHop History month... Depending on who you ask The President of the Divided States of America is a number, 45. Not even a name.

TRUE Skool and Uwm's sociocultural program aim to add some definition and some colorful texture to the equation with a series of events and interactive activities on campus during November. Its all leading up to a full day of panels workshops and a concert on November 29th at Uwm Union.

#weclaim45 is a Celebration of the 45th anniversary of Hip Hop culture, one of the most influential phenomenons on the planet. In true unapologetic Hip hop fashion organizers are declaring "We Claim 45"

The celebrations kicked off with a pop up graffiti demo outdoors on campus and the completed artwork will be displayed for photos at the 11/29 event.

The week of Nov 12th will kick off workshops , as well as hands on activities working with art and fashion. Some lucky Uwm students will get a glimpse into the local hiphop scene through a bus tour making stops at some go to locations around the city.

That same week TRUE Skool is hosting after school sessions on campus with high school student participants getting a different experience and perhaps a glance i to their near future.

More 11/29 #weclaim45 event TBA

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