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We appreciate you during this time!

We would like to start out by sending our strength and love to everyone that is directly impacted by this unbelievable situation that has impacted the entire world at once. We send our condolences to all who may have lost loved ones or that has loved ones that are currently dealing with symptoms or sickness from this new virus that is spreading devastation rapidly.

We also send our deepest respect and honor to those who are on the front lines helping in the healthcare industry, in the media, all the individuals that are making, moving and delivering vital products and produce so that people can still have what they need. Everyone's whose job is deemed essential or official, we appreciate you for everything you are sacrificing and risking to keep people healthy and safe while keeping the world working. This goes out to all of you, everywhere, GLOBAL!

We also want to acknowledge all of the amazing organizations that are making resources or relief efforts available for the community, creatives, small businesses and students. There is so much good energy being transferred and so many people stepping up to help and contribute their expertise, awareness or donations the best way they see fit. Even with social distancing and stay at home orders, there are so many different initiatives happening out there. To see people coming together putting in their time into openly sharing information or links about helpful emergency resources is inspiring. That part now our collective new normal as well...

As we all are adjusting and looking for solutions, new ways to function and cooperate, we want to take a moment and share our gratitude, we appreciate you all.

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