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Very Berry love

TRUE Skool is creating a new wave with our “TRUE Knowledge” refreshing drinks. These are not made with a bunch of high fructose corn syrup or chemicals that we can't even pronounce. No, it's not a soda, this is a whole different vibe....

We have recently had great success with this TRUEgiving fundraiser in collaboration with Dead Bird Brewing - it's so awesome when local businesses can come together and creatively collaborate for a cause! We look forward to you tasting, reviewing and sharing with your friends and family!! Our summer beverage from the TRUE Knowledge series is called "Berry love" , an amazing celebration inside of a can. A sparkling beverage created with strawberries, mint & hibiscus blossoms 😍...... It tastes like summer.

How do you get yours? Stop in at Dead Bird Brewing TODAY! You might even see our crew!

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