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TRUE Blog launch

We've decided to establish a fun, new platform for youth & community voice!

Don't be shy. Don't be reckless. We are always aiming to engage, educate and empower! Leave comments , share and help spread the news. This platform will be used to share exclusive stories and offer many different perspectives. "It's Yours!"

Are you always on your phone???

We are looking for consistent contributing writers, bloggers, photographers, vloggers , artists, producers and everyone who wants to share their voice! We have so many unique relationships and meet so many interesting people we have decided to build yet another platform for our network of connectors, researchers and cultivators. We are seeking your support and ideas for building up our online blog content and territory!

We are looking to highlight helpful services and work, especially from youth and community creatives! Profiling local thought leaders, some helpful behind the scenes information, other fascinating visuals and details will all be updated here regularly! We all can learn so much from each other! Don't be surprised if you hit your email with an interview request or seeking your insight for our readers!

Please Send all Blog submissions to

(We reserve the right to publish or refuse any content sent!)

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