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TKBC = TRUE Knowledge Book Club

Join the TRUE Knowledge Book Club - Let's Explore Together!!

Kicking off soon! You ready? An interactive Book Club designed with you in mind. We are proud to announce the TRUE Knowledge Book Club we've decided to make it official as we enter 2019 a new year of new creations. We are looking for members to join by taking part in the online discussions, conference calls, local meetups and whatever else members desire to convene in the name of good reading and the good conversations of good book lovers! All good!

What suggestions do you have for books? We did a small FB poll a while ago and got some interesting input , we are curious what you think! Do you have favorite authors, any genre or topics turn you off? You like listening to audio books - should we include ted talks or videos?

We want you to share! On the TS Blog we will share updates and we encourage your comments!! We are looking forward to working with Milwaukee authors and partners!

Have you been to our TRUE Knowledge library? Should we do a Survey?

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