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TK the space turtle lands on earth in the year 2020

As if things couldn’t get any more interesting in the year 2020.......

Hi, I'm TK the Space Turtle! "TK" stands for True Knowledge! I am the cosmic turtle, slash comic action figure who landed in "the hood" from outer space to spread positivity, love, unity through the elements of Hip Hop Culture. I use my Infinite Utility Belt to provide necessary resources to the entire community. I was sent to connect with Milwaukee's Center for Transformational Creative Arts and Hip Hop Culture, TRUE Skool on my adventures leading to education, problem solving, and battling villains that are embodiments of current, real terrors on Earth..... Such as; racism, police violence, exploitation of children and even Covid-19. We also got super support from the Creative Health Collective of health professionals, community engaged researchers and artists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that are working to make sure culture workers play a critical role in challenging social injustices and igniting some real change!

My fun stories and artistic adventures with my super smart friends can be enjoyed through a a series of downloadable comic book/magazine, stop motion short films, theme music and media, and yes of course you know we had to drop some fresh TK merchandise!!!

With so much going on and happening so fast, I have my own social media pages to connect with other TRUE Knowledge Seekers on Planet Earth as well so make sure you connect so I can learn more about you too!!!!

Link with me!! TK on Instagram

Stay tuned.........

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