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Taking Notes....

Here are some notes from my Hansen Dodge Internship 2021.

Taking notes helps to retain all the information and new understandings I am getting so rapidly. Lots of people want to learn about marketing and promoting their brand so I will share some of what I learned in a short recap!

Introduction to Media Engagement Campaigns:

Categories include; Strategy, Media, and Analytics. This research is conducted through media consumption Data.

We also learned Assignment Flow called Tactical Activation Plans. This begins with an objective (revenue in sales, awareness, preference, re/consideration, and action) These are the goals in advertising.

Then a strategy has to be created to suit the targeted demographic of each product/service.

There are various ways to gage your audience's interests for example; demographics vs psychographics. One having more to do with Age, Geographical Residence, Social Status etc versus Psychographics which considers personal interests and behaviors. These techniques are called qualitative and quantitative Data.

They are important in deciding where to place certain advertisements, and when considering a budget as well! - Stephani A.


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