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Rockin on Beet street

TRUE Skool Alumni DJ the Jenius, Schellz, G Gifted , Kennedy and JD from Melodic Prodigies and a couple BBoys from Clan 19 recently rocked the "Beet Street" party in Bayview, hosted by the Cactus Club, a very popular venue for performing artists in Milwaukee. It's almost one of the last spots that really welcome's Hip Hop shows. The day was chilly and folks still came for the outdoor segment complete with vendors , food, and all the regular block party fixings you would expect. The title of the event is a play on the infamous, cult classic film, 'Beat Street' .

While we were there we started reminiscing about the real movie 'Beat Street' and it's forever significance to Hip Hop culture. The flick is a classic , if you haven't watched it, you are slipping! It shows all the elements in the early stages of what is now the biggest, most influential ways of life and music on the planet! The fashion , the slang , the street life dangers, the crews, the love, the definitive impact was there from the start, Beat Street gave a glimpse. Even featured some now world famous dancers!

Battle scene from Beat Street that people used to study and imitate non stop!

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