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Now Seeking NEW MUSIC Submissions!

Now Seeking NEW MUSIC Submissions!

ANY GENRE OF MUSIC about living the good life outside of drugs and alcohol & the also dangerous effects of substance abuse. Milwaukee’s super talented musicians, singers, rappers, poets are creating messages about healthy solutions and prevention!

Criteria For contributions:


Better Me Better Everything Soundtrack II

  1. *Must have content related to Healthy decisions, substance abuse prevention, and providing knowledge or awareness of solutions to drug & alcohol abuse, especially for youth & families in Milwaukee who need it the most.

  2. High-Quality Original Song Content

3. No Samples - No Cover Songs

No ‘Industry/ random youtube Beats’

4. All Artist/Producer & Org info including Names, Genre, Links, Picture or Logo

5. All content ( Wav files, Mp3s , Mp4 accepted )

must be submitted VIA EMAIL: