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GLOBAL Perspectives

Recently visitors from various countries visited TRUE Skool to learn more about our creative, wholistic approach to youth engagement and leadership development.

We shared so much wisdom together, they offered very intelligent analysis and asked important questions related to our national and local community dynamics. We talked in depth about challenging traditional non-profit practices and fostering new funding and relationships based on decolonizing wealth and accessibility. We documented some of to be shared via TRUE Skool TV. We are super grateful for the opportunity to make strong connections through exchange of innovative perspectives with international artists, curators, educators and researchers! We get to reflect on our own impact. Here is one of the testimonies we received.

"Knowing True Skool filled my heart with joy. This model is integral, it is holistic, it is really the perfect mix so that every person who attends your programs is a real asset for society. In addition, the soul and life that you put into it are the essential ingredient to make True Skool a true home and community for all who attend. Personally and by name of our cultural center we want to continue sharing experience, knowledge and exchanges because you are inspiring people. Thank you for existing!!" Luna Llena De Tambores, El Lunario Centro Cultural Interactivo - Panama

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