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Global Peace Ambassadors

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Children of Peace Uganda & TRUE Skool are bringing together intergenerational Global leaders to foster global healing & relationship building through our powerful virtual sessions and collaboration projects!

global peace ambassadors TRUE Skool & children of peace Uganda

Global Peace Ambassador - Bosko Goerge

Since the beginning of 2021 TRUE Skool has been working with Mamma Jane , Founder of Children of Peace Uganda to build a tight community of Global Peace Ambassadors! You are invited to join us via zoom 10am cst. EVRY 2nd SATURDAY

& if you want the link to our zoom please email

We are united by our commitment and focus of "Leading with Love" all 2022! We talk about serious issues and personal testimony related to overcoming challenges and trauma.

Goals include:

  • Provide a global online healing community for direct survivors of violence

  • Engage with youth survivors of violence on an international level

  • Use storytelling to highlight different ways we can heal and stay resilient!

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