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Community Listening Session march 1st

Everyone gets invited to live shows very often in Milwaukee. Every week your timelines are flooded with not so personal promotional posts from folks trying to get you to lend an ear to their latest musical release..Sometimes you click......

You hear about concerts you wish you could have attended....You even wait to read all the comments from blogs and social sites about your favorite up and coming Milwaukee artist.....

If you don't know, once again we switched it all the way up for you...

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Community Listening Session FRIDAY MARCH 1ST at TRUE Skool featuring three Milwaukee move makers; Eli Stones, RJ Riddle + Numero8.

These very revealing Community Listening Sessions are designed to allow artists a chance to express the thoughts and processes behind the music and visuals. This CSL is all ages, free to the public + conducted talk show style with a segment for audience feedback. Come out and support (Refreshments will be on deck)

This fun, honest, open conversational event is also recorded live for our TRUE Skool Podcast. Join us!

Feel free to share via our FB Event page

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