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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

You may have seen the "Classic" logo popping up around the scene. Well now learn more about the thought process behind the brand. In Hip Hop the term 'Classic' itself represents something pure, and timeless. Definitions start from our experiences and our quest for knowledge. Get you some, as founder Nikki breaks it down simple and plain in a quick 5 question Q+A:

1. What is "Classic" Hip Hop to you?

Classic. hip hop is that that you can listen to and hear a story or a message. Lyrics have vocabulary and creativity... artistry, not copying off what you think sells. classic. hip hop can bump any season and many times the dopest artists ain’t extra rich. 

2. What has been the most challenging thing about launching your brand?

Gaining support is hard, especially when you’re trying NOT to follow trends. 

3. Who would be your 'dream' Classic model or brand ambassador?

I would love if Erykah Badu or Andre 3000 would rock my ish. I’m an artist tho and I’m sensitive about it (lol you see what I did there?!) and I’ll admit I sent Erykah something and have been stalking her IG to see if she’s worn it yet! I may have missed it though *smirk*

4. What is some advice you would give to anyone looking to start a Hip Hop based product line?

Stay true to yourself and what you have to offer. Don’t be a copycat. 

5. On any giving day, what songs would we find you listening to on your playlist? 

Right now:

Blessings x Chance The Rapper

Successful x Drake and Lil Wayne (NOT the Trey Songz version)

Django Jane x Janelle Monae

Liberation x OutKast Redbone x Childish Gambino Backseat Freestyle x Kendrick Lamar Can’t Knock The Hustle x Jay Z

Pink and White x Frank Ocean

Miseducation of Lauryn Hill x Lauryn Hill

A Milli x Lil Wayne

Palace/Curse x The Internet 

The Pessimist x Wale

A Tale of Two Cities x J. Cole Black x Buddy

*Theres sooo many more

(insert Biggie, Pac, UGK, TI....)

But do you know how hard this was for me?!

Lol one of this reasons I started a hip hop line. It’s like a curation of all my favorite shit lmao and I can see classic being around for a minute for that reason alone. 

IG: @theclassicshoppeFacebook: The Classic Shoppe Find The Classic Corner inside The Creatives Marketplace MKE also Jazzy Rae Jewels and Accessories too!

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