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Everybody loves a good rap battle. I mean a real rap battle where there are true word Smith and masters of the microphone displaying different levels of mastery and manipulation of language art. It's a traditional ritual and Hip Hop culture. Before it was on big stages and selling out huge venues or corporate sponsored broadcast on Pay-per-view worldwide streams, it was and has always been a major staple in the sport of emceeing. We won't go into many of the most historical battles there are several that are regarded as monumental landmark pivotal moments in the timeline and trajectory of what we know today as Hip Hop. (Look'em up!)

What we will say is we appreciate amazing competition and Olympic level performance exhibited with integrity from every element in Hip Hop culture. A good DJ battle or break dance tournament for example will allow you to witness things you only get to see maybe once or twice in a lifetime if you were there you witness history in the making, that type of feeling.

It's never about choosing sides it's always about sharpening your skills. Most times a good battle or direct demonstration of superior microphone scholarship and verbal dominance can push the level and limits of what artists are willing to try lyrically. Not for a song format or a radio hit but the expressive liberation to dig deeper or sometimes simply add more to what's working. It's work!

A lot of the best emcees, slam poets and battle rappers make it look & sound quite simple and they can most times be pretty Flawless with it. but anyone who is an artist or competitive person or even a writer or performer of any kind knows for a fact that these skilled Craftsman and women dedicate a lot of time and energy to there freestyles flows and memorable possibly timeless diss records! 

That's whats its all about, that precise work ethic to be the best! At whatever! Let's go!

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