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The first of many Game/Dance events held in Milwaukee!♟🎲

| 1 vs 1 ALL-style battle Prize: $100 + Gear + TRUE kool Goodie Bag

So what makes this event special??? Well the theme and challenge to this battle is its based off the game UNO!

Meaning before each battle, every dancer will be able to draw 1 out of 3 cards at random. There will be 2 rounds per battle and there will be a spin or a flip to decide who goes first every battle.

Cards: Reverse- If one person is suppose to go first, they can reverse it on their opponent making them go first which could possibly give the upper hand

+2 - Which means at the end of both rounds if that person desires they may go another 2 rounds to try and achieve their win.

Wild Card- If this card is chosen then that person may state which style of dance has to be done for the first round. (If both contestants have a wild card then they can use it to pick what their opponent does first round)

Come on out and support! The more people come and support the bigger and better our future battles can become!

As well there will be a variety of games to be played as well so bring family and friends so they can support you but also have fun playing games during cypher hours!

Sounds powered by: DJ the Jenius

Judges: -Creative(Motion D/Gen x) -Shells (Motion D/Clan 19) -Jasper Sanchez

Entry fee: Dancer-$10 + Spectator-$5

there is also a fb event for you to #share with your friends!

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