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TRIUE Skool interns recently participated in a paid internship with Hansen Dodge as part of our recent "How Does Water Connect Us?" Session!

"My main contribution to my groups Johnsonville project was creating more diverse logo options. My design theory is that if this “family oriented” business used their logo to communicate to the community that they care about social issues and movements.

The original logo is iconic for them and I wanted to keep it simple but add a twist.

My first completed updated logo was the pride edition pt.1 with the rainbow wording and stripes.

The second logo i completed was the full rainbow (pride edition pt.2)

The third is the Juneteenth version !

The last is the breast cancer awareness month edition.

All of these were super fun to make i enjoyed the process so much. We ended up presenting all the options - we enjoyed the discussions and the entire process learning marketing research at this level. My first pride edition is my personal fav and Jaymie from Johnsonville loved the idea....Hopefully we will soon see it publicly from the Johnsonville team!! "

- Mahala ( Dj Hala)

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