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5 things to stay sharp before True Skool returns

5 things to sharp before True Skool returns


1. The first thing you should do is you want to learn notes to whatever instruments plus scales than try forming chords. Practice for 30 min a day.

2. Next you should play along to your favorite song. By doing this you are developing to play by ear. The more you do that the easier it become. I recommend you learn up to 3 songs a week. Challenge yourself to see how fast you can learn it without tutorials on YouTube.

3. Think you want to tune your ear. Just like instruments you want to know if what your hearing sounds good. Whether you are creating an original or playing to a song you must keep it simple. By that I mean you must know when the song is complete and when it's not enough.

4. I should have made this the first thing to do but always stretch. I know it seems like it's not important but it is. Always make sure your posture is good because you don't won't develop bad habits and be sore after a show.

5. The last thing to do would be prepared. You never would could or cant happen so it's always good thing to be prepared so everything can go your way.

By: Jaylan Higgins

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