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5 questions? with dj lolo

The DJ is the lifeline of the party and the 'backbone' of Hip Hop Culture. People movers and influencers that make you gravitate to the dance floor, go DJs! Some of you may have seen or most likely heard DJ LOLO. You have to understand DJs speak with their hands , through their music selections but they also have some interesting insights to share. get to know your favorite mix master- 5 Questions? with DJ LOLO.

1. If you had to define DJ Lolo with one word what would it be and why?

LOVE. With so many varied interpretations and definitions of love floating around I like to do my best to model my interpretation—it’s unconditional acceptance, patience, authenticity, curiosity, joy all that. DJ LoLo was created with love so it’s only right.

2. What is something most people may not know about Milwaukee DJ culture?

A lot of DJs are nerdy introverts that LOVE music. It’s so fun to get to know them and how they developed their style.

3. How do you balance community, work, motherhood , DJing and everything else, whats your secret?

Honestly I think it just happens because they’re all the same thing. My “work” is community-centeric (I raise money and awareness to advance equity in education with Teach For America Milwaukee); motherhood is ABSOLUTELY community work (it takes a village to raise a child), DJing is all about unifying the community, having fun, lifting spirits and uncovering the talented assets that make up our community… it just all fits together if you let it.

4. Where would be your 'dream' DJ gig take place?

Selig-Joseph-Folz Amphitheater, it’s this Bandshell right on North Ave. Second favorite view of my city. Summer… dusk… maybe a little something for the kids during the day, then sunsets and more of an adult crowd at night. Lots of food trucks, a couple performers…and a band to play with me while I DJ. That would be dope. LOLOPALOOZA !

5. If an artist out there wants DJ Lolo to break their next big song at your next party what suggestions would you share with them?

Come to the party with the song on a flash drive! Also be ready to perform…keep the performance versions on you, you never know when the DJ might slide you the microphone! I always play music that people bring me, and do my best to honor all requests. If I listen to it and it’s not ready, I’ll give that feedback and we’ll get it right.

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