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Nothing into something!

The April 3rd TRUE Knowledge lesson was all about turning nothing into something and finding beauty where there seemingly is none!

Zachary Lofton of the Bindery came in to tell us about his journey of renovating an old bindery, ravaged by urban decay, into a modernized, productive community space. Zachary also showed students examples of book repair techniques and the printing and binding processes he uses. Our students will take another field trip there soon to put the final touches on our Zine and get some hands-on experience in the assembly room, cutting, binding, printing, and more! We will get some pics for you! lol

Here is a sample of one of our pages, we had contributions from many different students!

TRUE Skool is an ongoing project partner of the Bindery. The students will be working closely with them for the publication of our annual student-produced TRUE Knowledge zine.

Our Zine will simultaneously document the creative development of TRUE Skool students while showcasing their visual arts and creative writing skills. These zines will be sold at the Milwaukee Zine Fest on April 22nd & at our upcoming Spring student

Showcase Gallery at Radio Milwaukee on May 4th! These are both family-friendly events!

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