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TRUE Virtual Skool

WE have been super creative due this whole covid19 crisis. So many TS events and public activations we had to cancel. So many classroom and school visits , cancelled. We have done some live stream events via our social media pages and thanks to everyone who has supported and shared!

We have been super fluid and n Fall 2020 we offered a 'UNITY - Gaming Course' for the first time!! During this virtual session, student participants were introduced to a free 3D design software and had the opportunity to learn the basics about interactive design and production.

We have been energized by the whole virtual universe! Working on creating new experiences for participants & community! Stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

This is a sneak peek! Our Game experience in development featuring TK the Space Turtle!

Stay tuned in as we unveil different phases of our virtual gallery ideations developed by TRUE Skool Digital Experience Manager, Christian aka NerdaChris

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