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The MKE Hip Hop Archives Project hosts "Archives Day"

"Archives are the memory of nations and societies; they provide the foundation for their identities and are a key element of the information society.

... among the decision makers, of the advantages of good archiving to establish quality governance.

Archives constitute a cultural heritage and a leading source of information. The archival heritage is an important testimony to the economic, political, social and cultural development of mankind.

... among the general public, the public and private sectors, of the need to preserve the archives over the long term, and to facilitate access to them.

By documenting activities and decisions, archives ensure both the continuity of organizations and the justification of their rights, as well as those of individuals and States."

The MKE Hip Hop Archives Project hosts "Archives Day"

When: Saturday, October 28th

9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Where: Wisconsin Black Historical Society/Museum

2620 West Center Street, Milwaukee, WI 53206

What: Wisconsin Black Historical Society/Museum and True Skool are hosting Archives Day on Saturday, October 28th in Milwaukee, WI in support of the MKE Hip Hop Archives Project.

MKE Hip Hop Archives Project will collect archives to celebrate Milwaukee’s Hip Hop history.

The MKE Hip Hop Archives Project is a collaborative effort between TRUE Skool Milwaukee Center for Transformative Creative Arts & Hip Hop Culture and the Wisconsin Black Historical Society/ Museum. This ongoing archival project will recognize the triumphs of the people within the core elements (Deejaying, Graffiti art, Break dancing and Emceeing) who created and sustained it and honor their work & legacy. These stories can include but are not limited to concert and event flyers, album/tape/CD artwork, photographs, sound and video recordings, publications, and advertising. We are seeking information from Milwaukee MC’s, DJ’s, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, artists, journalists, producers, independent labels, managers, educators, promoters or venue hosts and consumers. Members of the local community are invited to come to preserve their materials. Archivists will work with attendees to describe and scan their items and share their stories and memories with us through recorded oral history interviews to be part of the collection. Whether you are just curious about archiving or want your Milwaukee Hip Hop story as part of the archives, we hope you will join us on Saturday, October 28th, from 9 am to 12 noon at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society!

Contact: For more information call Jamila Benson,,, 414-388-4881 ###

TRUE Skool and the Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum are partnering to create a one-of-a-kind collection that represents the true essence of young Milwaukee hip hop! Learn more in this first installment of our ongoing MKE Hip Hop Archive Podcast series.

Now is the perfect time to create an archive of Milwaukee's rich Hip Hop Culture.

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