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pipeline podcast with Student Academy Award winning filmmaker, Princess Garrett

Check out Pipeline Episode 3 with Student Academy Award winning filmmaker, Princess Garrett. Listen in on her experience filming Sankofa, the documentary that has now been screened in over 20 festivals globally. We'll be talking representation, making change, and breaking barriers. Check out the trailer of her Award Winning Documentary:

“Reigning from the city of brotherly love, Princess Garrett earned her degrees in Communications and Global Interdisciplinary Studies from Villanova University in 2018. She has since moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to continue working on her directing/writing skills. Film and television have always been her passion, but the representation of people of color in the media is one that interests her the most being that it has greatly impacted her perceptions of the world and herself growing up.

Through experiences like making "Sankofa", Princess desires to change the misconceptions and stereotypes that exist within society through filmmaking. "Sankofa" to date has screened in over 20 festivals around the world and won prizes at several. The biggest win for the film came at the Student Academy Awards when "Sankofa" took home the gold medal in the documentary category. This was Villanova's first win ever at the Student Academy Awards. In the future, Princess hopes to direct more films that help heal, expose the truth, break social constructs and amplify the voices of those that are often silenced.”

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