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On The Review

TRUE Skool Reviews & Reports. Ever re-viewed Milwaukee? People ask us all the time about our city , what to do , where to go.....We curate current coolness everywhere, but we deeply enjoy and we are also invested in the success of other ventures, organizations, events and businesses buzzing around the city. We support venues all around town and pop up at all kind of venues to soak up the collective energy as we appreciate our local favorites. We all have meetings and interact with intriguing places (or people).

Here 'On The Review' in the 'community section' - we are about to piss some people off!!!!

OK Maybe. Maybe not. There are some pretty fantastic spaces out there!

We will feature some of our staff favs , some reader recommendations, who knows?? Everyone will when these drop....

*If you want to know what we think about your store, service or product ; you might find it here! Yep! Our own lil' Yelp! Yikes.

- Please send us an invite or a link! Or drop it in the comments - We will follow up with you, we would love to check out your establishment and write about it!! Our readers will too!

Shoot us an invite if you want to be "On the Review"

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