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MKE HIP HOP LIVE on the Radio?!

You may have heard about the MKE Hip Hop Archive Project & our 3rd Saturday ARCHIVE DAYS! Well, here is the run down!

Every 3rd Saturday throughout 2024 are dynamic events designed to celebrate, engage, and preserve the essence of our city's Hip Hop history. Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

SHARE your visual history of Milwaukee's Hip Hop contribute with your artifacts, photos, flyers, memorabilia, and iconic moments. From classic album covers to vintage concert posters, each item tells a unique story!

Community Dialogues: Engage in recorded open discussions and dialogues that explore the social, cultural, and economic impact of Hip Hop in Milwaukee. Your voice matters, and these conversations aim to weave together diverse perspectives & histories, Our stories!

Oral History Booths: Step into the recording booth and share your own Hip Hop stories. Our oral history booths are your chance to become a part of the living archive, preserving your memories and experiences for future generations! These interviews will be transcribed, some video recorded and shared widely.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with MKE fellow enthusiasts, artists, and community leaders who share a passion for Milwaukee Hip Hop. Build creative collaborations, reconnect with comrades and be a part of the growing, ongoing Project/ Movement.

Digital Engagement: Can't make it in person? No worries!

Join us online for live streaming, interactive discussions, and exclusive digital content that brings the Archives Day experience to your fingertips. Virtual Archive Days TBA!

Save the date for every 3rd Saturday in 2024 to celebrate and document Milwaukee's rich Hip Hop history. Whether you're a seasoned fan, an aspiring or veteran artist, or just curious about the culture, let us know if you are ready to tap in!

CONTACT US TODAY to learn more, get involved, contribute artifacts or set up your interview!

mkehiphoparchive site launching SOON!

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