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JUSTICE, Moving Forward

What Does the Fight for Justice look like for the next generation?

(Visual artist: Tyrone Randall)

Have you contributed to the Youth Fighting 4 Justice media project yet? We put the call out for music submissions for the Mixtapes ( another one one the way!), we have done co-creative 'pop-up' labs and recorded songs in other cities with artists from across the map! We have done some video archiving and we are shooting an ongoing segment for TRUESkoolTV that continues our public inter-generational dialogues about justice, solutions and moving forward in America.

We have more events and family friendly engagements planned and we will continue working in coalition with others to strengthen and amplify the youth voice and community on important issues. Yes there will be more public meetings and panels as well.

We are constantly building on our Youth Fighting Justice media project and communications strategies and we would love your assistance!

Would you like to join our YF4J media team? Can you help us get the word out?

We are looking for reporters and a camera crew!

Journalists, artists, project managers and editors! Content creators and charismatic connectors!

....serious inquires only.

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