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We recorded this amazing sound with the Children of Peace Uganda org at TRUE Skool ! They laid accapella verses then our production team came in later and dropped the fresh beat!🔊 We are so proud of this collaboration! More coming up soon!! This promo video (FOR THE SONG) was created by NO Studios based in Milwaukee, WI -

During No Studios Social Justice Summit 2019 TRUE Skool had the honor of welcoming Children of Peace Uganda into our headquarters for some fun! This is a clip from time in our Band class and art studio! Jireh is showing us how he makes and sells customized bracelets! Fast too! More coming soon!

This is so amazing.... you have to watch! and listen and make sure you pay attention this is the power of not only hip hop and creative arts and cultural expression, this is youth connectivity and global engagement check it out! THANK YOU NO STUDIOS & EVERYONE who who helped to make it all happen.

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