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African Connections

We would like to introduce to you our friends in Tanzania from an awesome Organization called KINASA - Which means a Microphone and KINASA stands for KISWAHILI NA SANAA (SWAHILI AND ART ) They organize free Hip Hop events for upcoming talent and have a Hip Hop Class called 'Knowledge is in Classroom' - Sounds familiar right??? We are so excited about working together!!!

KINASA (Kiswahili na Sanaa: Swahili and Art) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2015 by Tanzanian hip hop artist Nash MC. The org is committed to promoting the Swahili language and culture through its different art forms, particularly music and poetry.

Founder / artist Nash MC shouts out Co-ED Fidel & TRUE Skool!

Stay tuned in for more updates from Africa! Let's step up and work together!

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